Using Sales Data to Win

Sales has traditionally been viewed as an intuition-driven profession. In recent years, however, sales data and technology has changed the way that sales teams think and feel and has become a welcome companion sitting alongside sales EQ to predict responses of prospects and assist sales teams. Gut feelings are always going to be valuable to […]

Synchronized Sales

The shift to a remote selling environment has accentuated the importance to companies of developing a standardized and consistent framework for their sales teams. It is particularly critical for onboarding new hires and ensuring on an ongoing basis that their salespeople are trusted and considered to be experts. In the LinkedIn 2021 State of Sales […]

Real-time sales coaching

The annual sales kick-off is now an established fixture in the calendar and many of these events include tactical sales training sessions focusing on insights and new techniques to try in the new year. But unless it is a kick start for an ongoing sales training plan then its impact will be diluted and a […]

The Imitation Game

To succeed in sales it is vital to master the art of mirroring. We are born with the ability to mimic and mirror and use it to learn, as a bonding tool and a way to show empathy – three key ingredients in sales. In a series of experiments conducted by Emese Nagy in 2014 […]

Guided Selling

Sales teams operating without a guided selling process in 2022 are like motorists still unfolding maps in their car to plan their route today. Why rely on a static map when Waze provides turn by turn navigation information in your ear, updates on changing traffic and faster routes in real-time, warns of accidents and taps […]